Kill Me


Kill Me



So no one told you life was going to be this way. Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your parents just died in a freak car accident. Do you seek help? Do you develop a newfound respect for life? Or do you roll over and play dead? 

Bernie chooses to play dead.


After the untimely death of her parents, an aspiring actress discovers her true calling:
playing dead bodies on TV procedurals.

Episode 1 - Fire & Rescue: Sex Crimes

Bernie and Corey introduce Todd to the world of corpse acting while on-set of the TV procedural, Fire & Rescue: Sex Crimes where they play dead bodies in a morgue.

Episode 2 - The Bachelor: ICU

Bernie and Roger try to impress big-time director Dina DeLaurentis on set of Bachelor: ICU where they play comatose extras.

Episode 3 - Apocalypse: Senior Year

Bernie, Corey, and Roger face their nemeses, zombie actors, on the set of Apocalypse: Senior Year.

Episode 4 - Killer Sous Chef: Des Moines

Bernie stresses over her recent audition for Dina’s new show while playing a recently murdered chef on Killer Sous Chef: Des Moines.

Episode 5 - Kid Brother: Volunteer EMT

The gang films a car accident scene for Kid Brother: Volunteer EMT that is strangely similar to how Bernie’s parents died. 



An anxiety-riddled actress. After her parents’ death, she volunteered to be an extra in a student film on a whim. She quickly fell in love with the gentle numbness she felt from playing a dead body, and returned to Chicago to become a full-fledged corpse actor. The social nature of being an actor is challenging, but she sticks with it for the love of the craft. She is in deep denial about her mental state, and channels all her energy into this very morbid new dream.

Played by: Lilliana Winkworth



A deadpan anarchist. Her parents got her into corpse acting when she was just a toddler. They’re satanists, but she doesn’t consider herself religious. Corey loves corpse acting because it’s a total paradox – taking the classically glamorous profession of acting and making it as gruesome and boring as possible. Anarchy! She struggles with the hierarchal nature of a film set, and constantly finds herself at odds with the Assistant Director.

Played by: Erin Uttich



A former child actor and a former everything-addict. He was clinically dead for five minutes after overdosing on Robitussin at a Hollywood party. His therapist/agent suggested corpse acting as a tool to face his fear of death, and he now sees it as his way back into the industry.

Played by: Jimmy Pennington



A beautiful golden retriever of a man. He, like Bernie, has dealt with the death of a loved one, but has chosen to channel his grief into living life with joy and enthusiasm by pursuing all types of acting, corpse included. 

Played By: Marcos Gonzalez


Assistant Director

Wants to climb to the top of the TV ladder and couldn’t care less if he steps on your face to get there. He is somehow the Assistant Director for every show the gang works on and sees corpse actors as props. 

Played By: Matt Newman



The mysterious and silent documentarian that follows Bernie on her journey with the corpse acting gang. He is a real “this plastic bag blowing in the wind is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen” type of guy. He approaches death with the same pleasant intrigue as Bernie.

Played by: jeremy sender



Jeremy Sender

Writer, Producer, Director

Jeremy Sender is a filmmaker and comedian in the vaguest sense of both the words. He is the creative director of The iO Comedy Network and a director at ADPT Productions. He improvises at the iO Theater with the Harold Team First Kiss, and at The Chicago Improv Den with the house team Feline Fighter Pilot. He is the other half of the magnanimous sketch duo, Todd's Friend Todd. Jeremy earned a BFA in film production from Emerson College, and studied improvisation at The UCB Theater, iO Chicago, and The Annoyance Theater.

Chris Johnson


Chris graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Economics and then returned to his native Chicago to help found ADPT Productions. He enjoys Tina Turner, cigars and horseracing!



Lilliana Winkworth

Writer, Producer

Lilliana Winkworth is a comedian and writer living in Chicago, IL. She is a member of The Second City National Touring Company and also performs at iO Chicago with the Harold Team The Teenagers. Lilliana is also part of the two-person writing team Todd's Friend Todd which produces sketch video content for the iO Comedy Network and created Kill Me. She is proudly represented by Big Mouth Talent and is extremely lactose intolerant.

Zachary Sigelko

Producer, Cinematographer

Zach is a director, DP and producer who got his start in the circus and has worked on everything from Sundance- nominated feature films to interactive documentaries. His work has been featured in Polygon, the Washington Post, and as an Editor's Pick at The Atlantic. He's a founder of ADPT Productions, a graduate of USC's film school, a musician and a puppeteer. More of his work can be found at